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LA Summer Pro League Tryouts 2014

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When you think of substance over style what does that really mean? Perhaps something that is far better than the actual truth. When you first meet Barry Mestel the impression that you get is a gentleman that is passionate about his work and extremely loyal to his network of close associates. Two years ago the Los Angeles Summer Pro League became a better league when Barry came aboard. Barry who lives in the Orlando, Florida metropolitan area, has always been a fan of the SPL for many years. His influence and business astuteness convinced the SPL that expanding to Florida was definitely a “no brainer”. Last season, Barry successfully introduced the SPL to the Orlando market – where seven professional free agent teams played in the inaugural 1st SPL East at the Winter Park Center in Winter Park, Florida. This season the SPL East will return on July 12 through July 21. Sign-ups for tryouts and pro free agent teams have already begun.

When Barry is not coordinating basketball efforts with Richie Adubato or former NBA great, Tree Rollins or directing players to international scout and recruiter, Dave Baker – you will find Barry running his own basketball program, "Winning Ways Pro". Winning Ways Pro -- which has been around for over 20+ years, provides full services for aspiring professional basketball players. So if you are a player wanting to prepare for a professional pre draft camp, the SPL or participate in an evaluation camp – Winning Ways International is where pro players should attend to receive the best skills training and most importantly, an accurate assessment of their basketball ability. "It is indeed an honor and most exciting to be associated with the SPL. The SPL is the premier stage for the aspiring professional Basketball Player and is in direct alignment with the objectives and initiatives of Winning Ways", said Barry. We did say "Substance over Style."

In addition, you can find Coach Barry Mestel on the radio, hosting his own show on 810 CBS Sports, Orlando (home to the Jim Rome Show and John Feinstein Show) on Tuesdays' and Thursdays' nights from 8p to 10p – discussing about the world of sports with "Substance". Later this month Barry will feature a one-hour show exclusively on the SPL and of course, that will be a great show. You don't have to live in Orlando to hear the show, 810 CBS Sports is also a part of the Iheart network.

For more information about the SPL East, continue to visit this site or contact Barry Mestel at barry@winwayspro.com.

SPL Players that have moved on to play in the NBDL

Player SPL Team NBDL Team
Ra’shad James Sacramento Pros 2013 Reno Bighorn 2013
Note: Came in 2nd in the NBDL 2014 All-Star Game Slam Dunk Contest
A.J. Davis Sacramento Pros 2013 Sioux Falls Skyforce 2013
Kiwi Gardner Attended the SPL Post Pro Tryout 2013 Santa Cruz Warriors 2013
Ronnie Aguilar C1 Group 2012 Bakersfield Jam 2012
Note: Signed with the LA Lakers 2012

Ra'shad James takes off on a hapless defender in the SPL 2013

The Los Angeles Summer Pro League 2014

The Los Angeles Summer Pro League returns for an exciting 2014 season with new opportunities and a new format. The SPL, an NBA sanctioned event for 41 seasons, assists in the development of professional players i.e. free agents, international players and undrafted talent wanting a shot at playing for a professional basketball team domestically or internationally. Last summer several players secured professional jobs all over the world from the NBDL, Ireland, Argentina, Japan and Russia to name a few. What the SPL offers is a great basketball environment, a dedicated staff, the opportunity to play against talented players from around the US and most importantly, each game is filmed.

This summer the SPL will offer two locations; Los Angeles and Orlando. The SPL in Los Angeles will feature 16 pro free teams. Each team will play in a 16 team bracket tournament July 23 - 26, 2014. All teams will be guaranteed four games unless your team loses both 1st and 2nd rounds. The championship game will be played at the world famous Venice Beach, California where 100,000+ people on a given summer weekend day walk through the Venice Beach courts.

The SPL in Orlando will commence on July 11 - 20, 2014 at the Winter Park Community Center. Up to 16 teams will be invited to play in a round robin event and each team will be guaranteed 6 games.

To Gain Direct Entry (no tryout) onto an SPL Team

(1). Player is on the roster of a participating agent team.

(2). Player is a member of a National Team that is participating in the SPL.

(3). Attended one of the following (2011, 2012, 2013 or 2014) post season camps: Portsmouth Invitation and/or Chicago Pre-Draft

(4). Played in the NBA, NBDL or highest professional divisions in Europe, Asia, Latin America or Australia during at least one of the following seasons (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014).

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